The Most Convincing Reasons Your Company Needs a Blog

If you run a small business, then you may wonder where your priorities should lie when it comes to online marketing. There are only so many hours in a day, and you cannot sit behind a computer for countless hours. While you have many channels when it comes to internet marketing, one of the best things that you can do is publish to your company blog regularly. If you run a business, keep in mind that websites who run a blog generate 125 percent more traffic than those who don’t.

Builds Trust

Posting to your blog is a great way to build trust with several different segments of your market. First, websites where writers update the blog often get a boost from Google and other major search engines in organic rankings. While it may not happen overnight, this helps you rise through the ranks of your competitors so that more people find your site over time.

The second segment of your market that you can connect with by blogging are those in related fields. When you fill your blog with useful information, they learn to trust your blog as a reliable source of great insights. Then, when one of their customers needs your product, your company will come to their mind quickly, and they may refer their clients to your company. Blogging is great for word-of-mouth advertising that you cannot buy for any amount of money. You may find that they even share something that you have written with their audience introducing you to many new readers.

The third segment of your market that blogging allows you to connect with are your customers or potential customers. First, you keep your company’s name at the forefront of your customer’s minds. Blogging is also a great way to educate your costumers to your way of thinking and introduce them to industry news along with new products that you have started carrying. Customers who enjoy reading your blog will often share it with others whom they know need your products or services. If you are using social media marketing, then sharing your blog to Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms is a great way to produce new content for these platforms. Blog posts generate more engagement on social media than photos and videos.

Enhances Knowledge

Statistics show that companies who produce 16 or more blogs each month increase their traffic by 3.5 times compared to those companies who do not blog. It may seem easy in the beginning to come up with new things to write about, but after a while, the task becomes much more difficult. That’s when your knowledge about your business expands. Then, the next time that a customer asks you a question, you will have the facts and figures to back up your ideas as you have all the data written down in your blog.

Over time, you will discover that blogging is essential for your business because it gives you the time to focus on fact gathering. One fast answer to “why is content valuable for my business,” is that it gives you time to put all of your ideas together. As people start to share your well-written blogs, you will find that the traffic continues to grow for your articles over time. You often get a return on a well-written blog post long after you have posted it.

Another thing that you may want to consider is that you can use your blog for diving deep into a whole learning series. As you create the series, you are learning more information about each lesson segment. Soon, you will have a much deeper understanding of your industry and products.

Connects with Buyers

If you are still wondering, “should my business run a blog?” Stop and think of the advantages of being able to connect with buyers throughout the sales funnel. You can consider your blog like holding a good friend’s hand while they are making a buying decision. It is easy to use blogging as part of your content marketing to move customers through the sales funnel.

The top of the sales funnel is awareness- to prove that your company is credible. Blogs can show customers their pain point, and you can let them know that you have a possible answer to that pain point. When you blog consistently within your niche, you are going to attract more customers to your site because you will raise through the organic ranks, and customers will share your posts with other professionals in related niches. Your goal at this point should be getting your viewers to connect with your information regularly.

The next stage of the sales funnel is helping potential customers form a favorable opinion of your company and the products that you sell. Blogging is a great way to do this as you can educate customers to your point-of-view. You can also share statistics and data with your potential customers proving why your ideas are the right ones to solve their pain point.

Once you have convinced customers that you are reliable and able to help them, the next stage of the sales funnel is building interest in your products. You can use blogging to help customers choose between different products allowing them to select the best one for their pain point. While some customers will move through the interest stage of the sales funnel very quickly, your blog is a great way to influence others through promoting special offers in your blog. At the end of this stage, your customer purchases because of their interaction with your blog.

Shows Satisfaction

If you are still asking, “why is content marketing relevant to my business,” then realize that your blog is an excellent way to share stories about how your products have helped others eliminate their pain point. Spend some time listening to your customers, and you will learn novel ways that they are using your company’s products. Then, share these ideas on your blog. People love their 15-minutes of fame so they will share your post. When you start sharing other people’s high opinion of your company, your returns on your content efforts will compound quickly.

There are several different ways that you can solicit feedback from satisfied customers. You may want to send out an email to people who have made a purchase and ask them for their personal stories with permission to share them on your blog. On the other hand, you may want to pick up the phone and call some of your customers and interview them. Do not overlook the value of interacting with customers in the comment section of your blog. Replying to comments is especially important because people want to know that a real person is standing behind the company.

Generates Respect

People love to do business with companies that they know they can respect. One of the things that you can blog about is your company’s values. Potential customers love to do business with companies who values line up with their value system. Therefore, take your company’s mission statement and start breaking it down to show people who read your blog how you are carrying out your values daily. Discussing your beliefs helps your customers distinguish between your company and your competitor’s business, which may be selling very similar products.

Additionally, people love to see behind-the-scenes looks from your company. Try focusing on your employees as they are your greatest asset. Tell good stories about the things that your employees are doing at work and in the communities where they live. You may discover that when you feature your employees on your blog, they work even harder to make sure they deserve the praise that you have given them. In turn, that helps build your businesses reputation because they are doing a better job of taking care of your customers.

Keep Growing

Regular blogging helps your company get bigger and stronger. Once you have created engaging blog content, it’s easy to repurpose those articles. Turn your blog content into a podcast. Blogs often provide great content for case studies that you can repurpose into lead magnets. You can also create a new blog on a given topic by writing a roundup post that connects to your old ones. Once you have done your research and found the statistics to support your point-of-view, it is easy to repurpose those into infographics that often have an incredible share rate.

Should My Business Run a Blog?

There is an incredible number of ways to answer the question of why is content marketing important to any business. Here are some reasons that your business needs to be blogging:
-Blogging builds trust by allowing you to connect with different market segments
-Blogging helps enhance your knowledge base so you can educate potential customers
-Blogging helps you show others how satisfied people are with your company and products
-Blogging allows you to explain your company’s values and how they promote the beliefs of your target audience
-Blogging helps grow your company, and it is easy to repurpose blogs so that you get an even more substantial return on your investment

Now that you understand why content is essential for your business, get busy blogging today. Before you create your next marketing campaign, contact iConn Group to learn how we can help you make valuable connections with others who are interested in your products. If you don’t have time to write yourself, our content creation services are very affordable. Call 866-454-2666 or fill out our contact form to find out how we can help grow your business online.